The Proposal (part 6)

“Not sure, exactly,” Mearzt whispered. “Only, Nev heard a rumor that Father Gheraeld’s cabinet has been in secret talks with them.” Relief and disappointment rushed through Ayn in a rush of breath. Mearzt’s older brother, Nev, was always talking about some conspiracy or another to do with Father Gheraeld’s cabinet. Still, Ayn didn’t much like

The Proposal (part 5)

She’d talked with her best friend while walking home from school that day. After she and Mearzt had gotten caught up on all that had happened since they’d last spoken, Mearzt’s voice had lowered to a whisper. “Has your dad said anything about the Terrestrials?” Ayn stopped walking, her heart speeding up in her chest,

The Proposal (part 4)

Ayn stared at the smooth white door, thinking aloud. “This makes three nights in a row that he’s been called away.” She looked at Zoe, who rose from her place at Ayn’s feet to rest her large, fluffy head on the girl’s lap. “And he’s has said anything about what’s going on.” Before he’d begun

The Proposal (part 3)

She’d been called “sweet pea” a lot in the past months, ever since he’d been called to serve in Father Gheraeld’s administration as Chief Science Counsel and they’d had to leave their old life behind. “Lettie can help you finish,” he said as he moved toward the door. “She’s good with calculus.” “Of course she

The Proposal (part 2)

“But you promised,” Ayn said, casting her most pathetic look. “I know, and I will,” he said, “after I find out what Father Gheraeld needs.” “This homework is due tomorrow morning,” Ayn reminded him, setting her elbows on the table and resting her chin on her hands. Her dad slipped off the stool with an

The Proposal (part 1)

The intern rapped against the open office door. “Professor Hyarzden?” Professor Hyarzden placed a long finger in the middle of the column of figures on the screen in front of him. “Yes?” “Father Gheraeld would like to speak with you,” the intern said. “Dad,” Ayn said. The professor glanced at his daughter sitting on the